The Team

Mafrat is a history of men, able to plan, realize and believe in their own dreams.

A great reality.

160 employees, more than 2’000 third party operators and 6’500 sqm headquarters:Mafrat tells in numbers the engagement of the company towards the excellence, the continuous improvement and the innovation.
An engagement towards its history, its customers and its future.

A family history.

The story begins in 1945 from the ability and the dedication of the three Totaro brothers, that give life to a firm, specialized in high end knitwear.

A borderless excellence.

At the beginning of the ‘50s, the company gains the leadership of the Italian market; ten years later, the knitwear factory diversifies its products, by introducing the total look childrenswear. It is a successful choice: the company crosses the borders and arrives on the European and American markets.

From father to son.

In the meanwhile, the company is driven by the second generation of the Totaro family, who transforms it into a stock company.

A fashionable company.

In 2002, Mafrat enters the licenses market, by signing partnerships with a number of
luxury brands of womenswear and menswear.

An asset of values.

Today, driven by the third generation, Mafrat is a leader in the production and distribution of apparel and footwear for children aged 0 to 16.

The know how strengthened over time, the continuous research activity on materials and design, and the ceaseless attention to the style and to the latest trends, represent the assets of value and skills that made Mafrat work peculiar so far.